How to Use the AOᶻ Rose Quartz Roller and How It Benefits You

Want to kick start your day with a relaxing facial massage? Or unwind after a hard day with a soothing self-care routine? Look no further than the AOᶻ Rose Quartz Roller.

Ozonated olive oil - the ultimate secret ingredient for your skin?

Ozonated olive oil is the ultimate skin care secret ingredient. Why is that? Well for a start, Ozone has many healing properties and can be used to improve the skin's condition by stimulating natural cell growth.

7 Beauty Essentials You Should Never Leave Home Without!

Let’s face it, we all have had the moment when we scrounge around our purses wishing we had a certain beauty item to get us through a specific situation or through the day. Personally, there are things that as a makeup artist and a modern woman I never leave home without.