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Su Ann's Testimonial

Having suffered from eczema since 6, Su Ann, a mother and a fitness trainer shares with us what it’s like to live with the condition; disabling her from doing simple tasks like laundry and even showering her daughter.

Watch the video to find out more about her story and how she finally found the remedy to alleviate her condition:

Jeffrey's Testimonial

Having eczema or a similar condition is difficult. Sufferers have to deal with constant itching, dry skin, and embarrassing flare-ups that make it difficult to appear professional in front of potential employers. But someday, one lucky person will find the solution - ozonated olive oil. It not only keeps eczema at bay but also soothes the skin's surface into a healthy appearance and boosts circulation.

What started as a cure for the business owner himself has now become powerful ayurvedic medicine, helping countless others all over the world.

More about Jeffrey in the video on the below:

My Healing Journey

In 2017, I lost the desire to live after having suffered 6 months of sleepless nights because of an eczema outbreak.
I tried all kinds of medication, seeking help from National Skin Centre, TCM acupuncture, German BRT and taking supplements including oral steroids; nothing helps. I'll curl up on the bed and keep scratching the affected areas like a monkey throughout the night. The six long months of suffering were very distressing. I arrived at a point where my prayer was for the Lord to bring me home if I did not receive healing.

One day, I chanced upon a friend’s Facebook posting that her church healing service is going to pray especially for Skin problems. I decided I had to go to the healing service. During the prayer, Pastor Ronny called those in need of healing to get up, put their hands on the affected area and pray for themselves. I felt a sense of power flowing down from my head as my wife placed her hand on me. After the service, I told her I could feel the healing and she answered, "I know". She added, "I felt a sense of power flowing from my palm toward your body." That night, I finally fell asleep like a baby.
Praise the Lord, my eczema slowly recovered. With the help of a German Medical Doctor friend, the Lord led me to discover the use of Ozonated Olive Oil with an applicator to manage eczema whenever the flare occurs. Our new product AOz Ozonated Olive Oil is born.

I am grateful that God has allowed me to cross the valley of death, heal me and lead me to discover a natural way to manage eczema. My prayer today is that AOz will be a channel of blessing to help more people suffering from itchy sleepless nights.