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Antioxidant Shower Filter

Antioxidant Shower Filter

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Award-Winning Brand, AO Age-Defying Vitamin C Shower Filter.

Dragging ourselves out of bed in the morning can be a challenge and an unpleasant experience. The warmth of our bed and the late nights can make snoozing for an additional 15 minutes an irresistible option. Except that could cause you to miss your bus, be late, and all sorts of problems that will follow after. 

What difference would it make if you could start the day fresh, reach work early and be on top of your game from the get-go? An energetic start to the day could mean you getting more work done, increased productivity, and maybe even that promotion you have been eyeing for some time. 

AO Age Defying Vitamin C Shower Filter will give your morning a breath of fresh air. Made with rich Vitamin Cs and packed full of antioxidants, enjoy a quick hot shower without having to reach for your shampoo or soap as our shower filters are naturally scented. Choose from Lavender, Lemon, Rose or Unscented as you start your day fresh and your skin energized to take on the challenges of the day. 



Reduces Chlorine Induced Damaged HairChlorine can be found most abundantly in swimming pools where you can't miss the distinctive smell. Besides giving you red eyes, irritated skin, did you also know that chlorine can cause damage to your hair as well? Here's what many people don't know. Our tap water contains trace amounts of chlorine as well. During treatment, chlorine is added into the water to eliminate bacteria and it is intentionally left in the water to ensure that the water you drink is potable. When we bathe, especially with hot water, the chlorine actually expands and permeates your skin much more rapidly than if you were to drink it directly. That is because our skin is the largest organ we have and when we bathe, we expose nearly 100% of our skin to the gaseous chlorine. Not only does chlorine harm our body, it also causes dandruff, dry and brittle hair, as well as hair loss.

As the AOX Shower Filters contains Vitamin C, it is able to remove the chlorine from the water effectively, leaving you with healthy and lustrous hair. So you can now bathe without worries. 



Our Shower Filters come in 4 scents. Who wouldn't love smelling like the fresh lavender fields when they wake up in the morning? That is the best part about our shower filters! Not only do you get to enjoy a hot bath, but the different scents of the shower filters are also sure to perk up your day, giving you a fresh start to the day just as you step into the shower. 

The best part is, you don't need to apply any shampoo or soap in the morning, the scent lingers on your skin, leaving you fresh and ready for the day!

Choice of Lemon, Lavender, Rose or for those who are sensitive to smells, you can also choose unscented as an option. 



Age-Defying Antioxidants. Yes it is the A word. Present in premium face masks, supplements, fruits etc, antioxidants have long been known to work in helping one keep looking younger and healthier. That is because antioxidants helps to fight free radicals which are known to cause ageing, heart problems, cancer and other diseases. Our shower filters contains antioxidants that helps to protect your skin, leaving it with a radiant glow and younger looking skin. 

With these 3 benefits, there is really no reason not to get one for your home!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
jelousy00 (Shopee Review)
All work very good

I have tried the lavender and rose shower filter, all work very good. Would like to check how's the lemon work.
Thank you seller for the free mask.

J*****J Shopee Review
No more itchy skin

2nd purchase~ Prompt delivery! Nicely packed. Fits nicely on the mixer. Prefer the Lavender over the Lemon one. It lasted abt 8 weeks for 2 adults usage (2x2 shower daily) No more itchy skin after bathing with this filter. And this filter doesn't reduce the water pressure at all!

It works for my son who had eczema and my skin feels smooth!

The product really works. My son who had eczema and my hubby with body acne didn't feel the itch after showering. Usually after showering, I need to apply lotion because of the dryness but my skin feels smooth so I don't need to anymore. This is going to be my household must-have. Need to buy more of this.

Doesn't irritate my sensitive skin!

2nd time buying this product. Doesn't irritate my sensitive skin, and smells nice during shower, recommended!

Tried other brands and still find AOX is the best!

Tried other brands and still find AOX is the best. Bought during 7.7 sales and items well packed and received in order. Highly recommended.