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Eczema Care Starter Kit

Eczema Care Starter Kit

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Whoever you are, wherever you are, AOᶻ wants you to stop right there.

We want you to imagine a life without the constant shadow of eczema flares looming overhead.

We want you to imagine having the confidence to go out to a dinner party, to attend a class, or a friend’s wedding without the unnerving anxiety that your eczema might just wage war on your skin today.

We at AOᶻ have our own fair share of personal stories about eczema getting in the way of our lives, so we stand together with eczema-sufferers everywhere.

We at AOᶻ also have something that could help us all live more comfortably, more beautifully with eczema.

Given the multifactorial nature of eczema flares, an eczema-sufferer’s best bet is to go all-in by going on an all-out offensive against eczema. Fend off eczema from every possible front with AOᶻ Eczema Care Starter Kit 4-in-1 Full Suite Eczema Relief.

✅ Recovering from a recent flare? Use AOᶻ’s roll-on all-natural oil blend for immediate relief.

✅ Want to firm up your post-flare skin? Use AOᶻ’s handheld low-power laser light (LPLL) therapy device to accelerate your skin’s rate of healing.

✅ Too many steps in your shower procedure? Use AOᶻ’s natural antioxidant soap for a superior antibacterial wash that gives your skin an added layer of moisturising protection.

✅ Want your shower to do more than just clean? Use AOᶻ’s Vitamin C shower filter for a brand-new shower experience that makes your skin glow and your hair flow.

AO Eczema Care Starter Kit fits you out with everything you need to live comfortably with eczema.

With each AO Eczema Care Starter Kit, let us delight you with the following:

  • 1 x AOᶻ Eczema Relief (10ml)
  • 1 x AOᶻ VitaPen Pro Handheld Therapy Device
  • 1 x AOᶻ Natural Antioxidant Soap
  • 1 x AOᶻ Vitamin C Antioxidant Shower Filter

Based on recommended use:

  • AOᶻ Roll-On All-Natural Blend for Eczema Relief should last about a month or two when used twice daily on small patches of skin or one’s face.
  • AOᶻ Natural Antioxidant Soap should last about a month when used twice daily.
  • AOᶻ Vitamin C Antioxidant Shower Filter should last 2-4 months when used within a range of 10-40°C.

Best suited for eczema-sufferers and people with sensitive skin of all ages (1+).

🇸🇬 AOᶻ is a home-grown brand from Singapore, and the proud recipient of the Singapore Good Design Award for several products. That includes our Ozonated Olive Oil found in the AOᶻ Roll-On All-Natural Blend for Eczema Relief which you get with your Eczema Care Starter Kit bundle.

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